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If you want to share the links to the downloads, please redirect others to this site. Most of the links are from free uploading services that expire in around 30 days of inactivity, so the more downloaders the better ^_^. If there's anything you'd like to share and you'd like to add it to my site, simply e-mail me and I'll put it up. Also, please don't bother me with requests! I upload what I want, and when I feel like it. If people bother me about it, I'll get annoyed and not upload as much.

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Music Video Downloads

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Title: Almost in Love
Size: 48.2 MB
Format: MPEG

Title: Chemistry meets M-flo ~ Now or Never (AstroSexy)
Size: 43.1 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Crystal Kay X CHEMISTRY - Two As One
Size: 48.2 MB
Format: Avi

Crystal Kay

Title: Kirakuni
Size: 75.65 MB
Format: Avi

Hamasaki, Ayumi

Title: Seasons
Size: 16.2 MB
Format: Avi


Title: K - Only Human
Size: 67.6 MB
Format: Avi

Lufkin, Olivia

Title: OLIVIA inspi' Reira (TRAPNEST) - A Little Pain
Size: 83.46 MB
Format: Avi

Ito, Yuna

Title: Faith
Size: 50 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Endless Story
Size: 58.9 MB

Title: Precious
Size: 60 MB
Format: Avi

Nakashima, Mika

Title: Crescent Moon fixed [mirror]
Size: 55 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Hi no Tori fixed
Size: 48.9 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Hitori
Size: 33.8 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Love Addict
Size: 54 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Sakurairo Maukoro
Size: 63 MB
Format: Avi

Title: Yuki no Hana
Size: 38.6 MB
Format: Avi


Title: Remioromen - Konayuki
Size: 76.7 MB
Format: Avi

Tommy February6

Title: Tommy February 6 - Lonely in Gorgeous
Size: 76.2 MB
Format: Avi

Tsuchiya, Anna

Title: ANNA inspi' NANA (Blackstones) - Rose
Size: 70.79 MB
Format: Avi

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